“Bitcoin Primed For A Breakout”, Cardano ADA Crypto Wunderkind And Blockchain Mass Adoption

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  1. No one actually knows whether EOS is better than ADA and vice versa.
    I mean we can say what we believe but I'm pretty sure you guys are clueless.
    If you're not clueless then tell me which coin will be the most profitable in 2 years?
    You fanboys can say – Hell yeah, it's gotta be ADA for sure. Another fanboys will say fuck yeah, EOS is coming babyyyyyy.
    But no one really knows what coin will be most profitable

  2. The ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Always moving forward, never backward. Pronunciation via 4 common English words: or-owe-boar-owes.

  3. Thank you for keeping your channel clean (i.e. language). I appreciate the sensitivity to those of us whose kids may be in the room when we're listening to your videos.

  4. We dont hear the news here in the ph that our government banning mining crypto someone crating fud again to make market down by the im PINOY

  5. Several weeks back there was a ruling that Congress/politicians had to disclose their crypto holdings, have those results been released yet?

  6. going mainstream will mean you actually are using the products these companies will eventually develop and maybe using crypto currencies to make purchases.

  7. Nothing against cardano but it's just not Bitcoin! Nobody is telling me these things–Are exotic altcoins back in style already?! If they are I will sell my BTC for blockchain 4.0 because blockchain 3.0 is so last week.

  8. ETORO would say this about ADA, because they just introduced the coin to its Crypto portfolio and no one is buying it, rip off ETORO

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