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  1. I remember playing the beta on Battleborn and Overwatch for the first time on the same day. I remember actually enjoying Battleborn more. But I got Overwatch instead cause it was the more "popular" choice. Maybe I should give Battle born a shot.

  2. this game made me feel like i was floating on the moon. not responsive enough and very chaotic. singleplayer was mediocre. a lot of reasons why overwatch overshadowed this game. played this for a while on the ps4 and easily get tired of it.

  3. Not sure why you completely fail to mention that every single game mode regardless of the type requires an internet connection. It simply absurd.

  4. It may have an underwhelming and repetitive campaign, but at least it HAS one. There many amazing games that have no playable story mainly because they know it will be bad. Battleborn shouldn't be thrown aside for including a bad but optional story-mode.

  5. Worth mentioning that Battleborn is hugely reduced now so if you fancy trying it, there is not reason not to, £4 in UK.

  6. Gearbox spent so much time and resources in this piece of hot garbage. It looks awful and messy. Balance is terrible and gameplay is repetitive. The only thing keeping it afloat are the unique characters.
    This game makes me kinda scared, I really want BL3 to be a good game.

  7. it only costs 17€ here on Amazon, so I'm totally going to try it out. My question is: are there still people playing it or are you all busy playing Overwatch?

  8. How does this compare to Overwatch ? i like Overwatch its a breath of fresh air compared to most online fps games these days

  9. complaining about the content so 7.1 but overwatch is awesome n has less content ffs it's 4Gb on ps4 paragon is early acsess n has 4.3gb more content there wtf blizzard n ign

  10. Game is very chaotic, hard to follow and understand whats going on. The gameplay looks fantastic graphic wise, but the cut scenes all look like a flash animation project made by high school kids. Im only about 5 hours into the campaign, but so far im just like…meh. I'd rather play another run through of any of the Borderlands games…

  11. Want a honest gamers opinion? The campaign tries to have a story but sadly it's clouded by chaotic fighting. The dialogue is hilarious but it's timing couldn't be worse… They will throw a hilarious line but you can't hear it because of the constant fighting. The loot system at face value seems stupid and lazy but the gear actually tremendously helps during the campaign. The characters all play different and all have balanced abilities, some of which are devastating if used properly. The campaign is very fun and non repetitive… Yes you have to hack and slash, shoot and dodge every mission but! You also have to engage each mission differently. For instance you will find this character does really well on this mission, but can't get through the first 5 minutes of this one. I would like to point out that even should you lose! You keep all your points and coins as well as loot you collected but all bonus score will be lost.

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