Overwatch VS Sports Fans! – (Funny ESPN Overwatch League REACTIONS!)

When sports fans see Overwatch on ESPN for the first time haha! ♥ HyperX – CHECK THEM OUT! http://hyperx.gg/AlphaUnitLost [AD] ♥ UNIT LOST …


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  1. Wouldn't put it on the same footing as sports. Sports are games in which hard body training is required, and body shape is what counts most, E-sports are games in which hard mind training is required, and mind shape is what counts most.

  2. Look I love overwatch and I love the overwatch league, but video games are not sport. ESPN can show whatever they like on their shows and I think it’s cool that these competitions are getting some spot light but let’s all be real, video games are not sports

  3. I play Overwatch and I wouldn't call it a sport either. Nascar isn't a sport, Poker isn't a sport, Chess isn't a sport, but they got the competitive theme to them so there's no reason to bash it for being on ESPN.

  4. These were the somewhat-athletic guys in middle/high school back in the 90s and earlier that bullied the smaller kids, and now they're jealous because these dudes are getting fame and fortune doing something they love, while these washed up high school athletes have to work shitty jobs.

  5. And here we witness the last futile throws of the stupids before they go extinct to the alpha humans, the smart people. Not those jock straps.

  6. Swimming isn't a sport, track isn't a sport fencing isn't a sport, gymnastics and a shit ton if other sports apparently aren't sports

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