3 Things You Need to Survive As an Affiliate Marketer Online

As an affiliate marketer you will always looking for the best niche and the best product to give you the best commission. At first glance affiliate marketing may seem simple but it is more complicated than it looks to be really successful at it. The only way to go is to follow good marketing practices which have been perfected over the years and proven to work.

There are tactics that have worked before with online marketing and continue to work in the online affiliate marketing business today as well as they ever did. With these three top marketing tips, you should see your sales increase dramatically and help keep you ahead of the game.

The three tactics you must know are …

1. Use a unique web page to market each product you are selling, in other words Do not put too many products together on one website in order to save money on web hosting. It is far better and more effective to have a site dedicated to each and every product and focusing on that product only.

Have product reviews on the website so your potential customers will already have an idea of ​​what the product can do for them. Include testimonials if possible from satisfied buyers who have already tried and tested the product. (You must get permission from these customers to agree to using their testimonials on your site)

You could also write articles pointing out the uses of the product and this can be used as additional content for your website. Make the pages easy to read and well presented and make sure they have a call to action !. The headline should grab the readers attention and entice them to read more, even contact you. Highlight any special points for your readers.

2. Give value in the form of free reports to your visitors. If possible put the form or offer at the very top of your page so it can not be missed. Create email follow up messages that will be delivered to the interested people who put their personal information into your sign up form. You may want to consider setting up an auto responder to do this for you. Research has proven it very often takes several letters of contact (up to 10 or 11) before the customer will take action.

There can be three possible outcomes from a visitor to your webpage: a closed sale (the customer buys there and then) or the prospect could leave the page never to return again or they will leave the page with the intention of coming back at a later date. So by sending them useful information via email over a specified period, you will remind them of the product that they wanted and maybe they forgot to return or lost your web address, so remembering them will greatly increase your sales. Always try to be informative and give some points of value about the product.

Focus on how they will benefit from the product, how it well improve their life, and Include good subject headlines to the email. Avoid using the word "free" because many email spam filters will automatically see this and treat it as junk mail.

3. Get traffic that is specifically targeted to your product. Sound obvious but if the person visiting your website has no interest in the product you are offering they will quickly leave and never come back. You might consider writing articles to submit to e-zines on the subject of your product. If you write two or three articles a week of approx 500 words you should be able to get about 100 or so targeted visitors to your website daily, but you need to continue writing and submitting new article to keep your visitor numbers up. OK so not all will buy but it is a numbers game more visitors = more customers. Generally with a average product and good webpage you should get an average 1 out of every 100 people to buy. An excellent product and the best website or sales page will increase obviously this average but you should be looking for at least a 1% conversion.

All that is required from you is some time and effort to put the above points into practice and before long you should see your sales increase and you should be making more money from your affiliate marketing.

Source by Dan V White

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