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  1. Number of dislikes simply shows that the review was not correct , it is one of the best horror game , 7.7 is very less , it must be around 9.0. MUST PLAY GAME.

  2. I only played this game for 15 minutes before a put it on a shelve. I wasn't impressed after playing Alien Isolation. Alien Isolation will have you looking in you closets at night before you go to bed! It was the scariest game I ever played.

  3. Resident Evil 7 is AMAZING!! And this comes from someone who stopped playing Resident Evil games because they became too "actiony". If you enjoyed the mystery, puzzle solving and style of the first two Resident Evil games you will LOVE this game. Don't believe me? Go play the demo its on for free

  4. I did enjoy the game, but for me the reason i love Resident Evil games is by the story, and as much as I enjoyed the more survival horror mechanics, the story didn't appeal much to me, and i didn't connect or really like the main characters of Ethan or Mia, plus I kinda wish there were more creatures to fight against instead of just the same molds

  5. I watched Daz Games play this and I was super impressed, graphics were above average clearly,jump scares were actually scarey,bosses looked terrifying and hard, survival part looked fun asf, and overall looked great.

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