IGN Reviews – Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Game Review

Less than a year after the original MvC 3’s release, Capcom is back with an updated version that introduces more characters, moves, and other tweaks. But is it …


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  1. They said they didnt change anything but they change the best part of the game the 5 minute intro and the menu soundtrack

  2. why are other reviews the game is in japanese? how can i know if the game im gonna buy is englisg or japanese? thanks. planning to try this game.

  3. i like it whencompanys release boxed versions of DLC ,its handy to have on one disk,i wish it was done more like release minecraft for 360 wth all the skins boxed lol

  4. I have the original mvc3.. What are the 6 new marvel characters?? Is that it for marvel?!! If so, that sucks. There could be 100s of characters to be DLC. Anyways, DOA5 ultimate is the best fighting game hands down. MK comes in a close second.

  5. Is this game complicated and hard to learn? it's looks really chaotic but I've been looking for a good fighting game to sink my teeth into, not to mention I love Marvel. I'm not the best at fighting games and would probably be more of a casual fighting game fan…so with that in mind would this game be for me? easy to get used to and fun to play?

  6. Wow I'm so tired of the babies who are like omg mvc2 roster was better, of course it was better but if they really kept all of those characters the most op ones are the only ones ppl would use an mvc2 tourny literally always has storm/sentinel.

  7. this game was such a rip off wen it came out lol new balancing and 8 new characters spectator mode and new stages all that could of been done with a patch yet they charged retail price, how can a reviewer justify this

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