Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 = Best Android Experience of 2013! Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Galaxy Note 3 Camera Samples: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Nice video. I recently purchased a note 3. However when I try to pinch zoom like you did I this video while taking an image or video recording nothing happens. Is there something you enabled or disabled. I love all your videos by the way.

  2. My dad just bought a s9 plus and gave me this old phone i tried downloading games aov,fortnite etc and its still running smoothly even that note 3 my dad gave me was already 5 years so old maybe i think that 700$ for this phone was worth it because when my dad gave me this phone i was like "This phone sucks already old it belongs to a trash can" lol but when i tried playing games it is running so smooth

  3. I was blown away when this phone came out the size, specs and the screen I have a note 8 I still keep my note 3 for media purposes when in the gym it's been in a case since 2013 never taken it out it's in immaculate condition too still tempting to use as a daily driver but I love my note 8 too much lol

  4. This was the best phone I had 🙁 I'm going to do research I heard the newest ones capabilities are exceptionally narly smh I'm just a fan does anyone know if the S8 can get a pin attach to it?

  5. I like his reviews. He is one of the best I have seen so far. Even a newbie to Phones would still be able to have basic understanding of the phone he reviews.

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