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  1. 1. Cut story elements: Julius and the Queen of Midland, Misty Mountain arc (black Swordman arc), the occult in the cave near Tower of Conviction, Pirates, Griffiths Story Mode (DLC I hope)

  2. Wait… just how far into the storyline does this go if Schierke is playable? Obviously at least until the duel with Serpico but where tf would they end this besides the Eclipse if the manga is still incomplete?

  3. I just picked this game up. I hadn't even heard of it until I saw the cover. I was a fan of the Dreamcast game back in the day, so hopefully I'll like this game as well. I've never read the manga or watch the anime, but I know there are a lot of references in the SoulsBorne games I love.

  4. We just need an open world Berserk Hack n' Slash game, different and adictive, forget the Dark Souls formula, that won't make justice for Berserk, Berserk needs to be a Hack n Slash, but a different kind of Hack n Slash, to make it fun and new…

  5. You want more story than the movies give you? There's a manga. You don't want to have to read? There's a 25 episode anime. Are subtitles still too much for you? There's a really solid English dub. Are you too attached the voice actors from the movies, and can't imagine anybody else doing their voices? You're in luck, both versions have the same cast. Is older animation not good enough for you on top of everything else I just listed?… you're hopeless.

  6. Give this game to Team Ninja, they know how to make fast paced hack n slashes without being a trudgey Souls game. Berserk is too fast for a souls Formula

  7. people mention the souls games, but I actually think the Witcher 3 felt much more Berserk. The tone of the story felt similar and the setting to. I would love it if after cyberpunk 2077, those guys made a huge and detailed berserk game

  8. Don't watch the movies first, ever. Or at all.

    If you just can't stand reading, go for the 97 anime. Avoid all Berserk anime from the last 5 years and just read the manga.

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