IGN Q&A: Why I Left & The ‘Truth’ About Game Reviews

I took questions for this Q&A about a month ago, and it’s finally here! Here are all the most common things people asked me about leaving IGN. FIND ME HERE: …


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  1. Hi Alanah. I was wondering two things. How are review projects given out and Do you get a choice in doing the review or not?
    Do you play portable games and what is your console of choice and what game are you playing?
    Can't wait to see where you go in your career.

  2. Idk if I think IGN ever got paid to make a good review… but i know the perception is that certain publishers and games arent looked at as objectively or as tough as others. Idk. Just perception.

  3. Really enjoying all of your updates. Can't wait to see where it is you're going to be working. I hope they understand what a great new talent they are going to be adding to their organization. Good luck!

  4. I think the one thing people need to remember is that many people tend to switch careers a few times in their life. Especially when you're young. Leaving a job doesn't always mean that there was something wrong with what you did or the people you worked with. Just another opportunity might be a better fit (i.e. more money, closer to home, more in-line with what you want to do, etc.). Basically what Alanah said, there doesn't always need to be a juicy drama reason for quitting.

  5. Welp that part at the end was totally about Marty Silvers. I know it's "Sliva" I just love how Brian use to say it… use to… RIP.

  6. Keep it up!! Go hard on the uploads, people will watch. I subbed to you after you left IGN. Hope to see some more cool stuff from you. Keep it up ??

  7. Hmm I gunna try and guess…. spoke about being excited about doing some voice acting in videos games not long ago, OMG I have it Alanah is going to work for CD Projekt on Cyberpunk 2077! there you go, there is a harmless rumour you can all start instead of gossip on peoples working relationships 😀

  8. Thank you for being honest, whole, and yourself in these videos. It's really silly that people won't take "I wanted to make a change for myself" and variations thereof as a reason, when in reality it's the best reason to do what you're doing. Happy trails.


  10. Hi Alanah, So if you identify yourself first and foremost as a writer/producer, I guess that means you were offered a nice greenfield role in a more established media outlet. How soon can we expect you to be on the cover of TIME then? 😀

  11. Well, both yours and Colin's stories line up, so that's good lol. Except he had an issue with Konami that was quite controversial, but aside from that I agree I don't think you could do shady business like that these days and get away with it at a major site. Someone would get outraged, it would be leaked, easy as that.

  12. You're the best Alanah. It's amazing that you always take time to reply to almost everyone in the comments. I enjoy to read or listen your thoughts on games and industry, so i'm glad your goal is to keep doing that. I've been following you for a few years now, and i sincerely believe you're one of the most professional, but also amusing videogame journalists you can find on massive internet media nowadays (i mean, you'll still be even if you go independent, but i understand you're going to another big company, right?). I also enjoyed the videos and streamings you've been doing lately and i'm looking forward to your new content!

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