Why I Don’t Use the Pixel!

For now. Things change. A lot. And they’re hard to predict. OnePlus 6 Review: https://youtu.be/0PrUr3bQdwM Razer Phone Review: …


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  1. I have a pixel 2 and it's holding up good like really good but I have this family member who has the pixel 2 XL and they returned it because of the performance and the ram and the speed

  2. I am also facing the same kinda issues with my Pixel 2xl and on top of that I recently installed Asphalt 9 legends in my phone and the phone is getting super hot like touching 45-46 degree centigrades and also battery is draining like hell. Hope you contact Google and tell them this problems because may be they might listen to you and take certain steps…

  3. My pixel 2xl has mostly hardware issue i replaced 3 devices but never had slow performance issue am only stick to it because of the camera otherwise it's the worst Android phone i ever used

  4. I have a Pixel 2 XL, it is a tad slower than when I got it, and it also has a charging problem due to my stupid ass plugging it in while it was wet. I miss the headphone jack from my Nexus 6P as well.
    This is a great phone but I think it's getting replaced soon. When I have enough money, I'm definitely getting a OnePlus 6T once it comes out.

  5. My Pixel 2 XL is starting to get a little slower. I don't know why but every once in a while, it freezes for a few seconds. I don't even have a lot of apps in it.

  6. This worry's me because I was looking forward to upgrading to the pixel 3 do you think this problem will be addressed in the new pixel

  7. No issues with my Pixel 2 XL or Pixel 2. I usually set the animation and transition scales to 0.5 but I've had no lag. Maybe it's the SD845 and 8gbs of RAM that make the OP6 superior.

  8. Pixel 2, yes a bit slower, but I think it's due to apps being more demanding and pixel 2 never had the best processor, even upon release

  9. Love my pixel 2. I haven't noticed a drop in performance but I really don't have anything to compare it to. The phone just works which is all I really care about tbh

  10. The one reason I'm saving my money at sticking with the pixel 1, those cases…

    I can plop my personal logo on one and BAM…

    The icy-white case with a blue version of my indie game dev cloud thingy that I made to make myself not sound like some, final fantasy fanboy…
    I know what my username is

  11. During the launch of the OnePlus 6 it was mentioned that OnePlus has been specifically working on ensuring their phones don't slow down with time. OxygenOS has also been optimized to launch apps faster. Kudos to OnePlus! Nailed it with the 6. Also, to those you can't digest the praise the phone has been getting, grab hold of one and see for yourself.

  12. Hey Marques totally get what your saying but test the One+ also as well when you've has it as long as Pixel. I'd like to know how it holds up over time as well

  13. Samsung has also done well with degrading performance in my usage. My Note 8 is still running like a champ after almost a year. My gf's Note 5 is still incredibly snappy; whenever I use it i'm always super impressed.

  14. Yeah, I've been noticing the performance drop since a couple of days ago. But there are so many pros in this phone especially after moving from IPhone and never having android. I feel like iPhones had performance drops very quickly so right now I'm not mad at my pixel lagging a bit.

  15. For your photo needs, how about going for a real camera? Like a Fujifilm X100f, who’s image quality is leaps and bounds better than a Pixel 2! It’s relatively compact as well.

  16. Truthfully, I have been having the same experience with my Pixel 2 XL. It's not terrible or anything, in fact, the phone is still fast, snappy, and overall great. It's just not as fast as the day I got it. It is significantly less fast than the day I got it, and this is worrying to me. I really do think that for the money we're paying Google, they should bump up the RAM. I think even 6 gigs of RAM would have made a much bigger difference. But yeah, I still love my Pixel 2 XL for it's amazing camera, and it's good performance, I just miss it's great performance. Thanks for making this video MKBHD. I love your content, and you're absolutely one of my favorite YouTubers. Keep it up man, and thank you.

  17. One reason why i am a ios user and why i really hate android because of android always getting slow after a period of use..

  18. I'd consider the OnePlus if it was available for Verizon, otherwise I'm staying with the Pixel 2XL and getting the 3XL when this is paid off. Can't wait ?

    Is your Pixel 2 as laggy as the S8/S8+ and Note 8?

  19. I'm a pixel 2 user I got it in February, and it's been amazing and I've been running Android p dp5 for 2 weeks and it's animations and everything this is as fast as the day I got it. But it might be because my animations are on .5x not 1x

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