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  1. Did this girl just say it’s like an expansion to fallout 3 and then turns around and says that over 100 hours, ok. Fallout: new Vegas is made by obsidian not Bethesda. 8.5? Umm more like 10/10

  2. Can someone help me, I only want to buy one of the DLCs, could someone suggest me on which one to pick. I am looking for a new and interesting map that's not too similar to the vanilla game Mojave map. Not too punishing, and easyish gunplay. I am looking for an engaging story, and don't want a survival game.

  3. Don't expect fallout 4 huh? I feel that fallout 4 was a total downgrade from New Vegas, I would've preferred a sequel to New Vegas any day over the game that we got.

  4. Obsidian planned to add a end game with your faction controlling the wasteland, but due to the time restriction they had to scrap it.

  5. I’ve put more than 200 hours into fallout 3 and almost the same amount into new Vegas. Mannnn I hope fallout 76 has the same vibe as these 2 games. Fallout 4 was good! Just not one of these games…

  6. 1. Game is absolutely incredible, deserves like a 9.5, I personally never even experienced bugs in the endless hours of gameplay spent on the game

    2. Fallout 4 is here because New Vegas isn’t even by Bethesda. So why would it affect the main franchise? AND! It was a great game. Why would it stop a Fallout 4 from coming?

    3. “Why would the developers make the same mistake” ?it’s a different developer.

  7. I played around 5 hours of F3 and 1,30 of NV, and, even if it's easly like 3 and with upgrades here and there, didn't intrigue me as F3! While i'm having fun in F3 and want to see more, i kind of got bored of NV…

  8. I was excited to play this after playing Fallout 3 and 4 but never wanted to buy it. Then Xbox made it free. When I tried, I was so disappointed and mad. So I just went back to 4

  9. Gamespot and IGN are two of the most unprofessional game journalists out there, this is where they started declining everything that used to make them professional.

  10. come on most of these things are on the wiki you really think there only 3 endings there are 4 with almost unlimited variety

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