[ VR Chat ] WHY I HATE AND LOVE VRCHAT (Virtual Reality Funny & Best Moments)

I hate vrchat so dam much but I love it alot VRChat funny moments and VR Twitch highlights Can we git 6900 likes for the 50k face reveal XD we won’t hit it …


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  1. Yes I know this is a reupload
    Dam video got age restricted AGAIN and Iā€™m not letting this video just die because of that it deserves as many views as it can get
    So if everyone can please just spam comments and watch the entire video 20x that would be amazing because now Iā€™m forced to have an ugly title because I need to try and regain the views it had šŸ™ I HATE YOUTUBE

  2. Someday, TruNoom will tell his disabled kids that he met their mom on this game and that his friends were questioning life alongside him.

    Well done Noom, you've become what we all aspire to be

    Don't know what that is tho

  3. dude I love what you do your funny and a cool person I love your vid dude make me laugh all the time no joke im trying to type and I keep laughing dude your the best I show all my love to you baby

  4. Bruh ive talked to viloskur basically its this whole test just to get you to admit that white people are the superior race its fucked and his fucking logic bro he just puts you in corners

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