Jaybird X3 Review: Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2016!

Jaybird X3 is an improvement over the best bluetooth earbuds, plus a lower price! Jaybird X3: http://www.jaybirdsport.com/shop/x3-product/ Jaybird X2: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. They're are really nice, I'm probably gonna get these because my earbuds broke and I'm looking for a new one, and they're cheaper now, you could get for around 100$ and sometimes even less.

  2. Found these to be extremely uncomfortable. Even the smallest fins are too big and rub around inside of my ear. Taking off the fins improved things a little, but on the earpiece itself there is a sharp little burr that goes around the edge to keep the fins on that ends up digging in. I had to run a piece of foam tape around it to create a cushion. The sound is just OK. Connectivity is great and so is battery life. Overall I would say not worth nearly what they cost.

  3. I have an intense hatred for them. Only because of the excruciatingly loud voice prompts. It's like they're screaming in your ears "POWER ON, FULLY CHARGED! BATTERY 20%!!" So far nothing can be done about this. Otherwise this would have been a great product.

  4. 5 stars.. first the fins, it stays glued to your ears, perfect for running and gym. second the low profile wire. i mean its not too long. just right so it doesn’t gets on your way. third the sounds, its better than beats x. And finally fourth, the game changer. the app, the freedom to change your equalizer, fully customizable. That’s why i pick this over beats, bose, jbl, and other wireless headphones.. so glad and happy. try it and you wont regret it..

  5. One of my contacts have become corroded making charging my X3 impossible, I have contacted Jaybird and waiting for a replied, they are only 4-5 months old, and hardly used.

  6. Jaybirds top 2 products, the X3 and the Run both have serious connectivity issues. I've had 3 sets of X3's and all have the same problem. Jaybirds support is awful. Just Google it, you'll see for yourself. Don't buy these.

  7. 2 pair, both had the same issue within 5 months: the left earbud stops working. i don't work out with them, they don't get wet, they've never even been in my pocket. i baby them but they're no better than those POS tautronics or the other chinese brands with the fake amazon reviews in terms of longevity. hard fail for me

  8. Hi Marques, could please introduce information on which bluetooth codecs earphones have and which devices they are best compatible with; in your future videos.

  9. It looks to me that ur able to adjust where the battery sits in your pair and its position in a much different than what every other Jaybird X3 out there that I can find where the battery part sits right behind the left bud. why is that? can someone help me?

  10. Had this for 10 1/2 months, got them as a gift. So far they are still holding up very well. Dropped them in water a couple times, wore them while running, in the rain, when dusty, and they are still going strong. Wonder when they will release the x4's, would love to see an improvement in battery, charging (charging clip is annoying at times).
    Sound- great for anything really, except any critical listening, wish the sound stage was wider.
    Fit- They have never once fell out, except when first trying it on.
    Battery Life- After 10 1/2 months I still get around 7-9 hours depending on the volume I am listening.
    Form factor – They are tiny when compared to other earphones, and for the features you get is amazing.

    Pro or con:
    Comfort – They are comfortable for 3 hours and after that my ears start to fatigue. I sometimes use comply eartips, but the long process of inserting is a pain.

    Eartips- Jaybird really need to rethink the design on the ear buds, the part the ear bud actually connect to the earphones, It has fallen out so many times and I have resorted to putting tape on the ear bud connecter, actually works good.
    The Charging – Charging them is the biggest con for these earphones, you got to carry the charging cradle every time you want to charge them.
    The cable clips – I have decided to not use them as much after I see crimping of the cable.

    Improvements they can make
    Sound stage: I like a wider sound stage than what the x3's pump out.
    Charging: Maybe bring back the micro usb to the jaybirds in a way, I could use it.
    Eartip connector: Redesigning the eartip, or making it a more grippy surface.
    Announcer: Changing the volume of the announcer would be a nice touch.

    Just my opinion, they are the best workout earphones I have owned, I have owned powerbeats, they were great build quality so so. I wish you can customize the sound more on the jaybird app, like more bands for the equalizer, as my phone doesn't have an equalizer.

  11. Price aside, how well does a pair of IEM (ie KZ ZS10) go up against the Jaybird x3? I am looking to get myself some audio for the gym but my friend just told me about IEMs, and according to reviews they do give out better bass… I really dont know (just did an hour of look around) so if you can help me out, it is much appreciated man

  12. If you're an android user, specifically a pixel owner, dont buy these. The connection issues were so bad that I would have my phone in my pocket and the sound would cut out 3-4 times a song. It made these unusable. Also the prompts and beeps when you power on, skip the song, or a battery notification are absurdly loud and you can not turn them down or off. I returned them after the 2nd day.

  13. I got my jaybird x3s today and I suppose I‘m gonna return them. The voice prompts are so damn loud it hurts my ears and you CANNOT change their volume (no, it‘s not the same as the phone‘s volume). Support also has not done anything useful regarding this since January 2017. Shame!

  14. Watching this video and listening to it with my 4 year old Bluebuds X which were recommended by Marques, they are still amazing

  15. DO NOT BUY THE X3's. My first pair stopped working because of sweat, so Jaybird sent me a replacement after a month. After some use, the second pair also stopped working because of sweat.

  16. So I had my x3 connected to two devices and both connected fine. The issue I have with this is if one device is playing media and the other also play, once the first device finished playing media the audio priority goes to the other one playing media.
    Normally it would be fine as people would want to connect to their own device but what's to stop some random guy on the bus connecting to your x3 and try to mess with your audio?

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