BECOME SPIDER-MAN IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Marvel United Powers VR (Oculus Rift + Touch Gameplay)

I am back on track with more Marvel Powers United VR. This time I will be stepping into the role of the amazing Spider-Man. With 2 Deadpools on my side and …


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  1. Nathie 🙁 please, make videos about WarRock, 6 Years ago was full of hackers, now Papaya Play Banned ALL hackers and a lot of Overclockers, the game is dead and there are not pages of Battle Group to play, and CQC has only 4 pages, years ago it had like 10+ pages and Battle Group 7+ If you'll make video about WarRock i will follow your channel FOREVER and you will make happy so many people

  2. Hmm…looks like no need for the other skills and only spaming the electro web… a bit dissapointing and I think it gets very repetetiv very fast. Was thinking about buying it because Spiderman is my favourite but relying on revive and 40 Bucks…no thanks.

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