Dead Cells Review

Dead Cells is an incredibly satisfying mishmash of genres that’s more than the sum of its parts. Read Dan’s in-depth review at!


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  1. I’ve got it and i’m loving it so far! Like the guy said, can be a bit annoying when you do start to progress and die to the tougher enemies, you’ve then gotta smash it again just to reach that point. But for me, this is what an indy game is, a true classic that if you remember platforms back in the day, it was 3 lives to start then game over, this goes next level if anything just having one ??

    Sick review by the way ????

  2. The levels and overall asthetic reminds me alot of 20xx. The megaman-like game. Which isn't a bad thing. That game is great as well

  3. Not sure what it is about this game, I'm just not sold. About to buy moon rider instead. this game reminds me of all those stick figure games

  4. sarcasm "Dead Cells is an incredibly satisfying mishmash of genres that's more than the sum of its parts." – Filip

  5. I think the reviewer(s?) do not know that when you have unlocked lots of things, you should just rush the first levels to get the time doors instead of cleaning everything (or while cleaning everything if you're capable of it). Then in a few minutes you get loads of cells, so it doesn't feel as long to unlock new things.

  6. This guy's review is far to eloquent and uses far too many big words. I'm doubting the average game reviewer could have written it. I'm going to assume it was plagerized 😉

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