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  1. EDIT: Yikes… you done fucked up.


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  2. Well, Boomstick is currently unemployed and IGN has an open position now…

    …and technically IGN already knows his work is up to their standards under another name…

    Just sayin'

  3. What's wrong with standards nowadays? 9.7? 9.7!!!!???? Good games are a 6-7. Great games are 7-8. 9-10 are absolute masterpieces. If every fucking game that's even remotely enjoyable is a 8 or a 9, we'll only get shittier and shittier games, all the while the prices go up. Something's rotten in the state of the gaming industry.

  4. Wow…. to be charged for plagiarism as a journalist… Career ending. Just lazy a$$ diting. There was no way IGN would have kept him know that.

  5. Ah, I see IGN went to my school of "reporting" where you try to find a way to hide the fact that you're plagiarizing by using synonyms. Though, they had one huge flaw, the key is to restructure it too. Where you put the beginning part near the end, the end in the middle, and the middle in the beginning. That way it's harder to catch, then you pull from multiple sources. I mean this is amature shit from IGN.

  6. It feels more that it’s 50% summarizing of BoomStick’s thoughts and sentences while the other 50% was just blatant plagiarizing with some word substitutions but for the 50% that it was summarized, he should of done his part to cite. What do I know? I’m just a college student who is trying to make video games, I’ll send it to my old high school English teachers and even my college English teachers to see how they feel about it.

  7. He should have added several new points, put them in a different order and completely reworded everything. Would've gotten away with it. This is exactly the kind of low level plagiarism I would expect from someone at ign.

    Also, saying metroidvania rouguelite doesn't make you sound like you know what you're talking about. It actually just makes you sound like a jackass.

  8. I'm not saying ign didn't plagiarize but there's been an unfortunate trend in gaming reviews recently wherein rather than critically thinking about the contents of the game, a game reviewer will literally just give an overview of the game rather than give any insight for valuable commentary on the game. It's the difference between a synopsis and a review. And IGNs reviews are kind of dog shit, they kind of always have been due to this habit. And boomstick gamings review (imo) was bad for the same reason. Is it possible IGN copied him? Absolutely, but I also think it's possible they're just two uncreative entities who did an uncreative synopsis "review" on the same game.

  9. i heard of ign making shit video game reviews but i never heard of STOLEN video game reviews. This man can sue the fuck outta them but I respect his way of dealing with it.

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