The Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition

The Oppo Find X is a premium phone with a premium price. The Find X Lamborghini Edition takes it to a completely different level. WATCH SOME MORE…


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  1. Once again Lou, you’re on crack if you think the future is motorized. Loosing respect for you more and more. From someone who’s watched you from when you did this in your home. Your crew has no knowledge of how the market is going and what is true innovation. You think Samsung and Apple could not make this?

  2. This just crossed my mind, how in the hell will case companies make a case for this phone?!? If it's flexible it won't protect your phone that well and it can't be a hardshell case because then you can't use the camera.
    Plus with something this big and premium you need protection (I ain't talking about my penis btw) cuz you don't want to break it.
    Well I guess everything has it's cons and this may be one of them

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