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  1. Looked like a new Bioshock styled concept with an interesting story but the combat looks waaay too clunky and for once it's not cux the IGN Reviewer is bad at the game.

  2. "‘We Happy Few’ Imagines a World Where People Haven’t Already Played BioShock"

    – The Hard Times 2018

  3. Personally loving the game right now even on Xbox where the frame rate is dogshit at points, story is the main reason to buy this game. Too bad Gearbox got their grubby hands on the price tag, it's understandable why people are anxious about buying.

  4. 7.3 seems to be about that for the game. Should've reduced the price of the game if the content isn't as big as they promised it would be.

  5. I'm so so didsapointment in this game. When this game was first revealed, it immediately turned heads. The concept, art style and setting alone felt unique and very promising. I thought this was gonn a be the next blockbuster hit like Bioshock or Half Life. In a industry of clique FPS, Battle Royals clones and realistic movie games, this one stood out. I'm glad the game isn't terrible but the potential it had was never fully unleashed.

  6. The game is garbage right now a lot of quests are breaking a lot of items aren't working and that has been the same way for 2 years now also if you pre-ordered or bought it 2 or 3 days after it released you get the most powerfulest weapon in the game the unbrella called the Jolly Brawley and you can upgrade it to be the most powerfulest weapon in the game

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