Cardano BIG NEWS! – Visa CEO: Send Crypto TEXTING! – Crypto: Periodic Table – $50mil NEW USDT issued

Bitcoin T/A
Visa CEO: Send Crypto TEXTING!
Cardano BIG NEWS!
$50mil NEW USDT issued
Crypto illegal in Saudi Arabia
Periodic Table of Cryptocurrencies
Gamechain ICO
Chainlink performing well in bear market
ETH falls below $300
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  1. And STILL the 'Hoffman Line' holds…….. – $100 market cap preferred by large institutions! Every day brings us closer to the day when 'shorts' must buy back and repay 'borrowed' Bitcoin…..with interest! Squeaky bum time for 'short sellers'?

    Ref ex – Wall Street analyst Andy Hoffman

  2. 191 Billion Market Cap, "Ho Wee Fuk, Wee Tu Low, Bing Bang Boom" This is ridiculous, the bounce to 6500 had me thinking it was bottoming. Nope!

  3. Alright friends, bottom line… Are these altcoins going to ever recover, or are we witnessing the slow, ultimate death of half the top 100? I ask from the perspective of a long term investor more so than a trader.

  4. Here's what i don't get chris. They say cardano is the future, but their wallet is the worst man. I cant even get my ada coin from it cause it take almost a whole day. My computer timed out cause it takes so long. Neon wallet is 123. Whats up with that man?

  5. Thanks appreciate it, few more weeks and Im signing up for the patreon group, takes time, inflations so bad, when your property taxes are $3000 a year, and running cost so high its tough!

  6. all time lows for altcoins, checked this morning and there all down 10- 15% again. what is driving these alts to zero. something seriously wrong with this market even good news is sending alts down.

  7. Your lessons are AWESOME, do you offer these lessons on the Patreon group? May be a good selling point to give a basic lesson and encourage those interested in your "daily tip" uh hum, teachings to join your group for more lessons, you are AWESOME!!

  8. Some people can afford to lose 60 – 80 percent of their investments. I, personally, can't. That’s why it took me so much time to look for a pro trader to lead me in making profits, Feb early this year when bitcoin went down to 7k from *18k i lost so much because of the drop which made me devastated and I had to look for a pro trader who could make me profit and teach me how to make profit on my own, I was making research and I came across a group of people talking about *Mr Ivan Hans an expert trader who has showed them how to increase their portfolio and gained back their lost in crypto, so I contacted him and told him my problem, it been two weeks since I contacted this crypto God and he has made me 4BTC which I successfully withdrawn to my wallet yesterday, If you have lost so much in trading or need to increase your portfolio reach him on email/hangout *(Ivanhans25@gmail. com) WhatsApp/telegram : +1(562) 316-2964

  9. i don t understand people using tether,it s only as stable as the dollar,the day dollar collapses everyone of the tether gang has lost his money,if you wanna use a stable coin use exchange coin guys.they can print as much money as they want to backup that tether,it s like a fake crypto.

  10. Sounds like ADA & Google is no longer "a rumor", if it's going to be a Google Chrome extension! Charles let the cat out of the bag, fantastic news for Cardano!!

  11. Hey man hope your doing great I am riding AMD to at least 50 I am also adding stellar icon ONT ADA have not added to crypto in months until last night icon at 67 cents is pretty sick .

  12. I would keep your investment ideas to yourself . you give a lot of questionable investing advice . This market may do opposite of what you say and you will see all your subscribers turn on you . So I wouldn't be telling people what to do . Trust me I have seen this play out before and you are making some statements that your subs may take to heart . Your news coverage is great but be weary if your advice goes sour you will be hated .

  13. Bitcoin is finished. Maybe one more run up to about 14k , but it will die next year. The only crypto that will survive is the payments and remittance services as well as the platforms and interoperability crypto like icx.

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