The Best Smartphone For YouTube

Which is the best smartphone for YouTube in 2018/2019? Video Sponsored by Last Pass – Youtube device report …


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  1. Man really doesn’t understand audio and how sound works. On the iPhone X The snare was crisp and clean and then on some of the other Samsung devices it became distorted you can hear a clear difference and I wouldn’t prefer a distorted sound but hey if your name is Lou and you chose Samsung over everything no matter what, is not surprising that he prefer a worse quality sound.

  2. No, my phone is not the best for watching YouTube, my phone is a iPhone 6s Plus, with cracks every, eve on the borders, also a big shadow in the top right corner. And I have no money for a new phone, so basically, no I don’t have a good phone to watch YouTube on.

  3. I agree with the S9+ being number 1 sound wise. I love the clarity in the sound but quality in view goes to the note. Personally I use the S9+ though so glad to hear I have the features.

  4. How did you watch a video on OnePlus 6 with notch being inside the video ? Mine makes a black bar at the top and the notch is blacked out even if i pinch to zoom .

  5. I view YouTube on my Note 4 display really well; it's snapdragon 805 runs YouTube with no lag. View 95% of the time on WiFi. Sound? My wireless buds are excellent!!! Don't see what the Fuss is about. However, no doubt the YouTube experience on Note 9 (thousand bucks?) is wonderful!

  6. What abull shit Louis the encoder used by youtube is the worst VP9 is bad not good quality large size and low bit rate the best encoder for sure x264 H264 by Apple and if u wanna to push to limits use x264 10 bit encoders

  7. Well I mean Google own's youtube and android so it makes sense why they wouldn't list an iPhone under their 'signature devices' even though it has dual speakers, a high resolution display, and good battery life

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