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  1. I own all 3… PC, XBOX ONE, and Ps4. The Xbox one has been the most underwhelming experience I have ever had. The Ps4 has been the exact opposite. The exclusives are amazing and the graphics back in 2014 blew me away. 4 years later, the exclusives still have me playing my launch Ps4. I tried halo and quantum break on the Xbox One and all I can say is that those were nothing compared to Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, and The Last of Us.

  2. Gamestop has a decent trade in deal until august 28th right now. The way I see it, instead of getting the NEW console generation when it comes out, i'll just chill on the X until the new generation has a similar trade in deal. I doubt they will drop making new games for the X even when the new gen is out.

  3. Just bought one today after my PS4 Pro broke a week ago I’m over PlayStation I’m a bigger fan of Microsoft’s exclusives can’t wait to set it up and play gears 4

  4. look in the future theirs gonna be a ps5 thats more powerful and then a year after their will be a xbox 2 which is more and then a more powerful ps6, in conclusion just get what you want don't think what others are saying

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  6. I have a Xbox one X and PS4 slim, and the X is a big improvement because I used to have the S. And the slim is so close to the pro, the pro isn’t worth it. I have a 4K tv too to experience the details and excellent visuals. Don’t fall for the pro, just get the slim. X is better if you can afford it AND have a 4K tv, otherwise missing just one just get the S.

  7. I have no reason to upgrade my Xbox one s .already fulfilling my media needs while I might buy ps4 pro for exclusive games that are only available on ps4

  8. I have new x Box one X in other room, it will not play games unless connected to internet, unlike all other consoles i have owned, i have only been able to get 1 game to load and play sad console for the money. I had it connected to internet but next time turn on it forgot everything load it again and it forgets it again, sorry console, Who designed this console the Americans? They are known for poor quality…..

  9. I have Xbox one S and about to trade it in for the one x.. I’m wondering if state of decay 2 will run better on it too. Also I downloaded a 24 GB update for shadows of war and cat see any of it till I’m on Xbox one X… So probably this week I’m trading up for it.. I want it before Red dead redemption 2 Comes out. ?????Let me know your thoughts.

  10. My Xbox One X is the best computer in my home. I use it not just for games but also for school. Its very nice and when there is a price drop I do suggest people should purchase one.

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