Sean Murray On the Present, Past and Future of No Man’s Sky

The game’s creator walks us through the nightmare of release, where No Man’s Sky stands now, and where it could go next. 9 Weirdest Things We’ve Seen in …


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  1. fair enough, they added in a lot of what was promised but lets no kid ourselves… this game is still lacking in a LOT of content/variety, space battles are still just as dull and fuckawful, you see the same animals/planets all the time, the story is still a shambles and the npcs are still lifeless (like the game overall). i think its the right step for sure and i do enjoy this game when it wows me on the rare occasion, but the core of this game is brittle so no matter how much they add it will still be on weak foundations.

  2. Justifying Sean Murray Shady behavior is really shity on your part the truth is any gaming development needs to be finished before released we have been tricked by bettas an early release access to believe that these broken games are what they had promised us when they take our money for 2 years and then finally let out a DLC or patch or update that fixes the game that they had promised us in the beginning I'm done with no man's Sky personally I'm tired of being jerked around and ripped off they made it a complete grind fest with no payout you get to the center of the universe for what to start over it's bullshit and just like 2 years ago a complete waste of my time and money

  3. It is funny how everyone thinks the guy lied. He was clearly excited about his game and wanted to talk about it and the ideas he had, the technology behind No Man's Sky really is the first of its kind, a procedural world, planet, galaxy, it is really impressive all running in real time! People saw something bigger though, a massive galaxy to fly around and discover things but nobody had the common sense to realise all that play space is gonna be pretty empty, this was Sean's idea, a lonely world that is very realistic in terms of exploration. The players ruined the whole thing though the hype just got out of control with people expecting the game to be more than what it really was. That isn't one guy lying, it was just people getting the wrong idea. I feel so sorry for Sean, he has worked really hard to please everyone and I have huge amounts of respect for the guy, he really pulled through all the negativity and I bet it was even harder for him considering the fact that he had to motivate his team as well, the guy has coped with massive amounts of stress and pulled through so Sean if you see this message it takes a real strong person to come out of something like this. Congratulations to you and your team for creating something incredible you can see the amount of passion you guys have and it hasn't gone unnoticed 😉

  4. I've been trying to get into the game but i don't know what to do. Every time i've started a knew game i wander around aimlessly on a planet that wants to kill me with no idea how to get my ship running

  5. This video helped wrap up my long shelved feelings towards this game. I was psyched, let down, but have remained intruiged from a distance ever since I heard of the game. I'm glad to see Murray is seemingly in a better head space these days. No one deserves what he was put through. The continued work that culminated in the Next update instills confidence in the game as a platform, and I hope it continues with this same dedication moving forward.

  6. I would have preferred if they had just waited until they had all of the features he mentioned ready to go in the game before they released the game rather than adding it 2 years later.

  7. 25 hours in less than 2 weeks. It's worth it. I hope they continue to add more exploration scripts… more abandon buildings to explore, more wrecked ships, distress beacons, unknown beacons, jobs, etc. etc. etc. Just give us MORE! I love it!

  8. I'll admit I was hella mad with Murray when this game launched and I had preordered it. Felt like I was lied to and taken advantage of.

    But, after seeing the passion and humbleness in his team, as well as the constant updates, this studio has my respect. Someone needs to write a book about the rise, fall, and rebirth of No Mans Sky. I'd read it.

  9. As of No Mans Sky NEXT, the game has completely fulfilled what it was hopefully going to be for most people who became disappointed. If you were hyped for the game and then disappointed GET BACK ON IT now and it will live up to what you were hoping for

  10. Hello Games needs to add in the ability for players to build their own mini quest for other players to try and limit them to a level 1 quest, which plays out on a single planet, a level 2 quest that plays out in the same star system. If it goes well and the players adapt to it and beg for more, then they should hold a forum and explain to carry it over to expanding the quest to interlink and expand to other star systems, it would need to be developed as a DLC that would cost. In that DLC it should offer to expand the maximum players joining in your game to 250 and to offer the ability for developing a Mayor/Governor or Architect of a player built city with assigned apartments or designated land plots for players to place structures and place merchants in their structures to sell things they craft or grow to other players and to NPC that would come and do business. Yes, NPC to come and do business as in buy and sell.

    This sounds like a lot of work, but Hello Games has already put in a creative mode, which is the foundation for players to be able to go into creative mode to build the quest and place all the assets needed to offer such adventures. Sean Murray is intelligent enough to realize the massive player dedication it would drive for the longevity of long term replay-ability of No Man's Sky. I am 51 and play No man's Sky with my 25 year old son. With this eventual added ability for Player Created Quests, possible player managed cities/colonies and increased player participation, we the gamers could be recruiting more people to buy the game, for the purpose of as it were… playing in our digital sand box with us.

  11. This game has really turned around. I truly encourage all the Day one downloaders try it again. It thought I’d hate this game forever after that launch and I’ve been loving the next update

  12. This is the difference between a one time game and a long term game. I place this game in the realm of Minecraft where people come to play and have fun. I will follow this game just as I did at the start. I saw something in it just like We Happy Few, it is a game that changes your perception and give you time to think while not pressuring you to do everything to the games timeline. You play how you want to and that is how a game should be.

  13. I've loved No Man's Sky since launch, the simplicity of the game and the "Sci Fi books of old art style" were a joy to get lost in for hours on end. I'm enjoying the new update, but also miss the old game, the one it became fashionable to hate.

  14. I was one of the people who pre-ordered, and was left disappointed and betrayed, but playing now, I can tell you this game has come a long way, and is really quite amazing now, I suspect I will be playing well into the future!

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