Top 5 Most Overpriced Tech!

Stuff that costs too damn much. Thumbs up! 5. $1000 AudioQuest HDMI Diamond Cable [0:55] 4. Printer Ink [1:53] 3. Cell Phone Plans [2:51] 2. Apple Mac Pro …


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  1. I love going back and watching some of your older content.

    Most of what you covered in this video is still valid now.

    You are a big inspiration, thank you Marques! ??

  2. Here in Europe we pay around 30€ for 1500sms/month + 150 Mbps LTE with unlimited traffic (This month I already passed the terabyte mark). America is lagging a bit behind but who cares, you guys live in America, land of the free!

  3. I took my son to Best Buy, offered to buy him Bose Headphones, or Sony, but he wanted Beats, his birthday is on July 17, I have no idea what to do, he is going to be 14 and if I buy the Beats instead of Bose or Sony, I know I am buying him just for the style, not for sound and quality, if I buy the Beats after a while he will wish I bought the Bose or Sony. I sent him a link to your video, it is tough being a single father but tougher to say No, how about getting a red color "b" and put it on the Bose???? what should I do, You have a great video Thank You, Robert

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