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  1. so when you say 75 hours did you perhaps mean actual time or time played because thats slow as hell and the campaign is just that story the actual game starts after that

  2. This is what happens when you have reviewers at IGN responsible for actually playing a game and reviewing it (instead of plagiarising it)- they produce dogsh it

  3. Well this review is pretty harsh to say the least. POE is a complex game I will give you that much but not taking the time to read any of the tutorial info. I have seen some bad reviews from IGN but this one is just small minded. Did you maybe think to yourself… man it’s taking forever to kill one rare mob (yellow guys) maybe I should read some Basic information about the game. Ok I’m done

  4. This is a review from the kind of player that PoE isn't trying to appeal to. If you want a game that rewards combat skill much more than game knowledge, this isn't the game for you. In fact, most arpg's aren't for you either. I can tell by looking at his passive tree that he didn't plan out his build at all, and judging by how little damage he's dealing, his gear is probably garbage too. This is all totally normal for someone going in blind, (I made the same mistakes on my first few characters) but to take your first playthrough and then go tell everyone that's the whole game is just wrong. He didn't mention the endgame map system, likely because he quit at that point. He also didn't mention the endgame bosses you face by completing said maps, (bosses that do require skilled movement, along with a strong build) likely because he doesn't know they exist.

    To those of you who are considering trying PoE, don't take this as the whole game. This is what it feels like while you're learning and you don't know how to prioritize skills and gear. It isn't Diablo 3. It won't tell you exactly how much better or worse a piece of gear is. It won't hand you a selection of abilities and show you what their synergies are. The challenge is in learning how it all works, and the reward is in creating a build that rips through content, building up resources with said build, and using those resources to make your next character even stronger. For those who love to build their character exactly to their liking, or take a niche mechanic and use it to their advantage, this is a game for you. For those who don't, you're not missing out. You'll find smoother combat and higher skill ceilings elsewhere. If you're on the fence, go try the game! It's free! I wish you the best of luck!

  5. Wut is this review. The description says "Exploring The War For The Atlas Expansion", and he never mentions or engages with it at all. 75 hours to do the 10 acts? I honestly don't understand, a slow playthrough takes 8-12 hours, maybe 20 if you're REALLY slow and listening to all the dialogue.

    No mention of the Atlas. (You know, the place where players spend most of their time) No mention of crafting. No mention of endgame at all. The reviewer never took the time to even vaguely understand the game, still reviews it though.

    This is some lazy lazy stuff IGN.

  6. The game has a really steep learning curve. The reddit community is generally very helpful to newer players and I'd recommend anyone considering starting up PoE to get some pointers from there.

    I can understand where the reviewer is coming from, (if I had the experience he had playing the game I wouldn't like it either) but that isn't how the game should be played. >75 hours to get to endgame is awful. I would have stopped playing years ago if it took me that long. Starting from scratch most experienced players can get to endgame in 7-13 hours (the speedrunners can get there from scratch in <3.5 hours). New players should be able to do it in <20 if they've had a couple of pointers at the start. Basically the reviewer wasted >55 hours of his own time, of course he didn't love the game.

    Endgame is where the game really happens for most players, and the reviewer didn't get to experience it at all.

  7. the learning curve of this game is higher than most. if you are too lazy and dont have time dont bother playing. but it's a great game for those nerds who wanna grind. i find it so much fun to try and test new builds

  8. No words on the microtransactions? Or playing and enjoying the game with some friend? Trying different builds, failling sometimes but trying again in a different way. I have to put a thumb down, cause I don't feel the reviewer grasp the core feelings of playing this game.

  9. To be honest i read/watch these Path of Exile reviews. But it's impossible for any of them to capture what Path of Exile actually is because half the game is knowledge and skill. They don't understand the tree, the gems, the endgame, the viability of skills in certain situations etc. I never found one that actually captured what Path of Exile is. The game starts when you reach maps, the first 10 acts is just leveling and storyline. It's sad people make reviews without actually playing the game fully. They should just talk with a 10.000 hour + player and ask him questions he can't be biased about. Or something .. i dnno these videos never work.

  10. he's playing the game completely wrong, tree, gear, links, everything. You cant dodge the boss mechanics because you dont have enough movespeed/ attackspeed on movement skills, also in the shavronne's fight if you just sidestep you can dodge pretty much everything (not that you'd need to dodge if you properly geared and have proper flasks). You have no idea about endgame if you just finished the story, and you can use any skill and make it clear every content in the game

  11. "I found combat repetitive and my build reliant on gear" – does this guy know he is playing a hacknslash game? made by the studio literally called Grinding Gear Games

  12. I guess after all the plagiarists got fired at IGN they had to hire some baby boomers to write reviews. Even with the audio muted, every second of this review is painful to watch. That score is way too high for how much he struggled to listen to lore and pick daisies in an ARPG. If I played this game like he did, I wouldn't even give it a 1/10. Seems dishonest.

  13. 75 hours? jesus, takes me like 10, and at least half of that time is me afking to find music or soemthing to watch on netflix, AND its the start of a new league… how the hell did it take you 75 hours?

  14. 75 hours to complete the campaign? That’s borderline incompetent. Like, to the point where your understanding of the game must be little to nothing.

    My point being, you’re unfit to review the game (which explains the laughably low score).

  15. I can understand if PoE isn't your kind of game. It's grindy, it's unforgiving, it's hard to figure out how everything works without reading outside info like the wiki and build guides. And I don't like to be that guy who just shits on all game reviewers for being bad, I like to give them the benefit of the doubt, since I understand they don't have time to do everything in a game.

    But seriously, this reviews gives a terrible idea of the game. I really hope nobody actually uses this video to decide if they want to play the gam, because it's so much different from how it's portrayed here.

  16. So retro game like shovel knight (duck tales) is awseome because nostalgia, but game like path of exile feel old because it's play like diablo II?

  17. I respect that a reviewer's opinion may not line up with my own, but this review does not accurately reflect what the game actually feels like to play. The reviewer spent time on the lore and everything else, but completely neglected to read a simple starter guide to follow for a first character in PoE. I truly feel bad for the reviewer having to spend 75 hours to get to this point. What would be considered 'slow' in this game, it would take a new player following a simple 5 minute video guide about 16 hours to complete the whole game through act 10.

  18. Lame review, and I'm not even a fanboy of this game but I play from time to time for a month or so since the beginning and I must say you forgot to mention the constant updates they release for the game… Every time I'm going to play it there is a bunch of new stuff and that alone deserves more than a 8.0 considering it is free and all. Did you even played the release version???

  19. Reviewing T.J. Hafer's Reviewing Ability & Gamer Ability. A whopping 5/10. What a mediocre reviewer and a gamer he is. Path of Exile deserves an 8/10 for being a Diablo substitute.

  20. "…all the garbage being vomited into the arena…". Mate, please, have a little respect and decency. There are a lot of people doing their best to create these games. Degrading terminology serves no purpose in the review.

  21. what a terrible and shallow review, not a single word about end game. He says 75 hours to complete all 10 acts like he finished the game or something lol

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