Today’s Mystery Video – This might be the World’s coolest toaster from Morphy …


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  1. How I watch unbox therapy videos. scroll to the halfway mark, watch for 30 seconds. skip to the end, get the conclusion, hours of my life saved.

    On a serious note though, do more reviewing, and less annoying bullshitting. but that doesn't make long videos eh?

  2. I totally want to get toasted while toasting some toast watching the toast get toasted ….oh man I over toasted my toast because I'M toasted from watching the toast get toasted and getting toasted…
    A toast ..too you my friend…

  3. Reason why Unbox Therapy is the best: he doesn't waste our time with "this is the best! Omg, you won't believe this" you don't waste our time with pointless dialogue

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