IGN Reviews – No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Game Review

IGN gives its video review of the game No More Heroes in HD. Travis Touchdown is back to cut off some heads and rise in the ranks with Heroes’ Paradise.


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  1. Has anyone finished this game on ps3? If so, is there any way to avoid seeing the bosses from NMH 2 while playing through? I don't want to spoil them since I intend to play through NMH 2 after completing this.

  2. Even though I already play No More Heroes number of times, I still buying this since they added Alice Twilight to this game where that is the greatest part of the game including the sequel as well. Really wish they will came with NM3 since I want something new already.

  3. To all who read this. Possible/likely Future rare games of ps3:

    2-valkyria chronicles
    3-no more heroes paradise
    4-house of the dead overkill extended cut
    5Ar Tonelico series
    6-Hyperdimension Neptunia series
    7- Possibly any game from atlus, particularly catherine
    8-Journey on-disc copy

    Honorable mentions: the tomb raider,prince of persia, and sly trilogy may also be rare at one point. Everything is NOT in any particular order.

    Thumbs up so everyone can collect.

  4. What is failed to mention is that its buggy, incredibly buggy. I recently got a Move set and wanted some games to populate it with. I got this one and so far, I love it but at the same time, it gets unplayable during certain moments. The lock on is terrible and the autolock when swinging the sword targets whatever it wants to, it seems. Great game otherwise but for some, that might be a game stopper…

  5. I never got framerate drops on my xbox japanese version and cutting grass never gets old for me, I would still use that side job if the game hadn't better ones that give you a lot more munnies

  6. "No More Heroes is more style than substance."

    Someone doesn't even begin to understand the genius that is Suda51. This reviewer is talking out of his ass.

  7. I used to own a Wii, but I never played it so I sold it. Motion controls are fun once and a while, and I'm glad the PS3 has the option if I ever want to have fun with motion controls again.

  8. Yeah it is a bit of a cash sink… but it's a hard sell because unless you know you're going to enjoy the games and how they control (i.e. already own a wii) i couldn't recommend move to anyone tbh :S

  9. Tbh, the best game for move imo is heavy rain… it's so much better than the standard control scheme… The collection of great games isn't really all that large but there are enough to justify a purchase…

  10. You don't have to own a playstation move to play this though. Do you? Like, can I just play it with a normal ps3 controller?

  11. call me a nintendo fan boy or whatever but the wii version of this game looked like it had a hell of a lot more style. this hd upgrade just doesn't sit well with me

  12. Personally I like PS move better, but the Wii is much more accurate when it comes to shooting games. The infrared sensor does a much better job than the weird glowing ball thing. If only it had more games like the Wii does.

  13. actually the move was in production before the wii, so that makes no sense, they just made it a lot smoother thus took more time to release it, so if anyone copied anyone then it would be Nintendo who copied Sony.

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