VIRTUAL Virtual Reality – HTC Vive Gameplay (Part 1 of 2)

This game is like a mix between Job Simulator and the Portal Games. A truly wonderful experience and a joy to play through. For more information, check out the …


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  1. Hey Bradley, this game is sometimes meant to just sit and take it slow, the boat gave a story, the flower you had to put in a pot. Blow the tumbel weed through the course Have patience, please. It's a beautiful game, take the time to enjoy the story. Play through again, please. Follow the instructions and remember to sit back and listen sometimes. Pls do listen to the boats story though, it's so good, No touch the anything on that level

  2. Oooooooooooooooo yay! I love your videos!!!!!! Thay are so funny! I love this game and you make me laugh when I'm sad you make me laugh and happy. Please keep the awesome work Up.

  3. Oh cool, I thought this game was only on rift. I might get it then. If you like social rpg like experiences i recently learned about a vr game called " A Township Tale". From what i have played it seems like a nice community town sim game (people can play roles such as blacksmith, miner, carpentry, lumberjack, etc.)

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