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Despite the steep learning curve and a reliance on online, this is the best mech game in ages. Aside from the awesome online experience, the gameplay …


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  1. Anyone who has played any of the earlier games realize that AC5 is a true disaster, nothing at all like AC, AC2, AC silent line, this game is true garbage!

  2. Ac5 was so disapointing…. seriously who thught that no more flying would be cool? this game was horrible. I played 5 hours of it hoping that it would get better after a certain point. I had armored core serie tatooed on my heart, now i'm not even interested in the next game anymore. I was mad that ac 4 removed the shields and most of the nicest shoulder weapons…. now they removed the core of armored core… I was really impressed on how bad my interest in the next armored game decreased. I really hope there will be an armored core 6 game, but after this massacre i'm pretty shure the franchise will drown and sink at the bottom of the ocean.

  3. Heard from 2-3 different sources that the multiplayer servers were shut down… too bad since that seems like a game killer when most of the appeal for a game is its multiplayer.

  4. every review I can find of this seems to be shit, nothing seems to answer any of my questions :/, i want it to be AC4 but improved upon, and it doesn't seem to be that.

  5. No matter this is an awful game, I played the Gundam games, Robotech on the GC, Mechwarriors games, Exteel, Front Mission, but Armored Core is the worst mech franchise of them all. I use to have 2 on the PS2 and now I have Verdict Day hoping it would have drastically improved. WRONG!

  6. Trial and error? Accessibility issues? It's a FromSoftware game. What, were you expecting to have your hand held while you jog down a corridor looking at pretty graphics? 

  7. This game sucked so bad…
    How did From Software managed to screw an AC game like that?
    I mean how did they tought that taking out free flying would be a good idea?
    And those graphics? What a poor excuse for a game.

  8. I just bought this game for like $10… I have been an AC fan since the first game but… I don't get this game. It's been that way since Last Raven. This game is almost too complicated, in that there is too much going on at once and not enough time to deal with it. I dunno maybe I am just getting old

  9. this game sucks. they tried to go back to the AC3 style of nexts but the mechs are just too dull , the graphics and missions are also substandard

    AC4 and For Answer were a huge deviation from old school AC but they were far better than this garbage….they made me lose faith in the series 

  10. Reminds me more of Mech Warrior, which is a good thing in my eyes. I'll probably get this and For Answer so I get the best of both worlds

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