IGN Reviews – Shadows of the Damned Video Review

IGN gives its video review of the new crazy paranormal shooter Shadows of the Damned. Suda 51’s vision of grindhouse hell is here, but is it good? IGN’s …


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  1. Just got this, and the review was spot on. I started and was underwhelmed by graphics and game-play. But Goddammit for some intangible reason I can't stop playing. It's a "it clicks for you" and you love it, or it doesn't and you don't affair. I'm happy I got it and while quite flawed, I'm having a blast with it. One of those recommend with caution games, not for everyone. Also, currently at 9 bucks, no regrets on this nutty purchase.

  2. This is one of those games in which its atmosphere easily grabs your attention, but in reality, it's a typical, cheap Resident Evil 4 rip off.  It looks like a really average game at most. 

  3. The game is ok. But the darkness gimic ruined it for me. gave up halfway out of frustration and youtubed the ending. Buy it if you dont mind long boss battles or dying alot because of the stupid darkness.

  4. This game surprised me in how fun it really was! i would recomend this to anyone that has a mature sense of humor but can still laugh a whole lot of dick jokes!!  we watch movies that do the same thing why not games!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA REVOLUCION!!!!

  5. Well. I really really enjoyed this game so much.
    It has its own unique game style. and I finished 2 times. 
    few month later, I went to EBgames with this game to trade for other games, 
    they said this game's value is less than penny even mine was 99% like new condition.
    So I just passed it to the next ps3 customer for free LOL
    "Hey bud, you wanna try this fun game for free?"
    "Um… sure why not?" 
    That was fun moment though. 😀 

  6. I am going down a path of Shinji Mikami's work and I was wondering if this and Vanquish is worth picking up as they are ridiculously cheap 

  7. So my mom got this game for me just out of the blue on black friday. I never heard of it and she just got it for me for no reason other than there was a big sale.

    I played it expecting absolutely nothing and I was pleasantly surprised at how delightful fun and funny this game is.

    I just told her exactly what kind of game she got me, and she was…a mix between happy, shocked, and somewhat proud at getting me a game that I enjoyed.

    That said, anybody who wants a game, and is looking for these themes go for it! This game is a blast! It's a solid fun game, nothing wrong, just nothing new (game mechanic wise).

  8. Wow, I agree with the 900+ viewers. This game deserves a much higher grade, yet you guys keep giving COD 9's on up for the same thing released every year. *Bravo*

  9. Those complaining about 20 minute boss fights must be terrible at this game. This game is not that hard. Definitely fun with some minor challenges, but not hard. The shooting is not clunky if you turn up the sensitivity and you are only hit unsuspectingly if you foolishly turn around and aim at a horde when they are right behind you as the reviewer did instead of distancing himself from them first.

    This game is worth playing.

  10. this game is great fun, apart from the tedious boss fights that completely ruined it for me. Would like to have gone through it on hard, just can't be bothered with 20 minute boss battles. Shame.

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