PROOF There was NO DOWNGRADE | Spiderman Review Roundup | 2k Defend Microtransactions & MORE!

The reviews are in for Spider-Man for PS4, as well an update surrounding the “downgrade”. 2K say that microtransactions are an “unfortunate reality” of modern …


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  1. Judge: How do you plead to the charges of murdering 17 people.

    Rob Jones and 2K: Innocent of course. It' an unfortunate reality of modern living that those 17 people find themselves dead.

  2. can't believe he said the name of the wow expansion wrong at 9:43 when the logo in the back literally says "FOR" and not "OF". HOW DARE YOU GARETH.

    I don't really care, just wanted to bust your chops a bit.

  3. the founder analysis made a great pint i watch the vid i really think there was no downgrade what so ever to spiderman i think the puddle thing was jus dumb i was kool how it was in e3 demo but once they explained why it was taking out and put puddles other places it didnt really affect me from not getting the game i got the deluxe and the limited edition cant wait til 9pm

  4. I can understand people being upset that the game is an exclusive, especially after Spiderman's recent appearances in the MCU, but when people start something like puddlegate out of pure saltiness, it starts to turn into pretty pathetic behaviour.

  5. How bout this 2k, instead of making your games extremely grindy you make it rewarding so that there isn't a need for a 'make me better than everyone else' button.

  6. If I may offer some polite constructive criticism, my partner and I much prefer your passionate heartfelt rants over the jokey forced rants. I don't want to accuse you of "trying too hard", we just prefer your real honest self as opposed to a persona who tries to do a bit. Obviously, you may run your channel the way you want, I just thought you might appreciate feedback from your fans. We appreciate all the work you put in to get us our gaming news! Also, for what it's worth, my partner loves the dad jokes.

  7. Messed up that you guys don't get a review copy. Messed up that you guys also had to lay off your staff. This, the Know, KindofFunny and ACG is where i get my gaming news from. So it's quite sad youtube screwed you over. Though I do wonder why you didn't do adverting in your shows. It's not great, but it makes you money. The Know do it.

  8. Hallo PGG, hallo Gareth. I have one question for you Gareth, what did you think about DETROIT BECOME HUMAN? Did you play it? I don't have (sadly) a PS4 (PC master race here :-)) but I am watching a playthrough and I am amazed. If you made a video about it, give the link please.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. I'm glad you kept to promise that videos wouldn't have clickbait titles anymore; that said I remember when you and the other fellow joked about it and said "We're doing it on purpose, if you guys didn't click it, we wouldn't be doing it!" I'm paraphrasing but I think you remember the video. I love your videos too because you're down to Earth and honest and you announce where and when these are your opinions or whether you're simply quoting someone.

  10. How to make a grindy game progression not too grindy? Geez, idk, like MAKE A BETTER PROGRESSION SYSTEM!! Stop trying give gamers what it's like working at job that pays below minimum wage, and hiring psychologists to fuck with our brains to shell out more cash, all for your greedy schemes.

  11. Anyone who plans on buying Spider-Man did digitally you get the DLC for a tenner £65 For the digital deluxe and £55 for the standard granted you could probably get a physical copy for £50 but then you’ve got to pay £25 for the DLC no-brainer guys

  12. It was just altered (Spiderman), some didn't like the changes but overall it looks fine, tho it won't matter to me in the long run since I own no consoles.

    Sports games producing companies are taking advantage with loot boxes, they know it and won't stop till consumers force them.

  13. This was a day 1 for me Long ago. About the " downgrade" I had done a quick 30 second search I typed " Spider-man 2016 2018 comparison" and BOOM… I got 6 different videos comapring them to one another. When I saw them I clearly noticed the difference. I saw that it was upgraded. But, it was clear that there were people that really just did not want to " know" that the graphics had not been downgraded. Some people had an agenda, and needed any excuse to downplay the effects of this game's release * cough* Xbots * cough*. They had no desire to discover that they were wrong, they just wanted to talk badly about this game, to depress the enthusiasm of players eagerly anticipating the release and the excitement of same. Just seems to me if they devotred HALF the energy that it took, to maintain this " puddlegate" Bullshit, to putting pressure on Microsoft to give them Xbox exclusives,… ( they are never getting any more. ) maybe they might be too busy playing killer games to care about ours.

  14. OH its a PS4 game, don't care about this game. Probably a good game too, but seeing as Sony isn't working with everyone on Crossplay.
    OH Battle Field 5 can't wait to miss that.

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