CryptoNews (09/08/18): Half Of American Millennials Are Open To Using Cryptocurrency

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Goldman Sachs CFO: Recent Reports About Crypto Trading Desk Are ‘Fake News’


Binance CEO: We Have ‘No Plans for IPO’

Half Of American Millennials Are Open To Using Cryptocurrency

Half of American Millennials are Open to Using Cryptocurrency

30% of LinkedIn’s 2018 Top Startups Are Crypto Companies

30% of LinkedIn’s 2018 Top Startups Are Crypto Companies

Trump’s New SEC Hire Boosts Possibility of Bitcoin ETF

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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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  2. Few weeks ago I discovered project with huge potential, project with REAL development and vision. The project name is Lumeneo Network that soon will introduce the Elera sidechain, the project is still under the radar and the founders want to compete the development before applying for new exchanges and start marketing. What do you think about the project?

  3. Why do we call it a correction? Isn’t the price drop solely because of the whale shortsellers? I don’t think we should call it shortselling.
    Satoshi Nakamoto should of made btc impossible to sell short. How? Idk, but shortselling is halting the innovation of crypto. Can ETH be shorted?

  4. I have something to share, once bitcoin goes up and mining becomes profitable with the help of the bitcoin halving again. I have a stock (BFCH) that is 0.006 right now and they mine crytos only. this is like if u invested in bitcoin when it was 0.006. Do u see where i am going with this and on top of that they are canceling over 12 billion shares ( this will not affect shareholder) this is for long term. everything you want to know about this company is on twitter for current updates its called Bitfrontier Capital holding please share this in one of your videos thank you for the Cryto News! lets make money!

  5. Your videos gives me mental stability. We like higher lows on BTC. Bullish sign, the market is still active. In two years u'll be talkin about btc's higher low at 15k$. ? Continue uploadin' great stuff

  6. The (KOC) King of Cryptos hasn’t even been conceived yet. BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC will survive as either a storage base of accumulation or a transaction based currency type. Other tokens will be used as contract utilities on the blockchain. This is a brand new asset class (the newest by many many years) and it is not going away. Blockchain technological advances will usher in a new version of IoT. Now is the sub-basement level for what will become a behemoth of a skyscraper. Grab your tools or hit the road Jack!

  7. Who cares if BTC drops to $5k ..its only a 12% drop from here ..then a potential to rally to New ATH's like a catapult ..The FOMO will be huge when it runs..

  8. My other comment would be that crypto is got a long way to go there is not enough infrastructure to actually only accept crypto you need tach there's places you go even in the United States that you don't get any Internet or phone signal with that being said it's kind of hard to just accept crypto currency and try to spend it at the same time

  9. Well I like my dollars and I like micro currency I rather except dollars on a job versus crypto currency at the present moment because of the end of the day I convert my crypto into cash so cash is king

  10. My feeling, is going down. How much, only God Knows, but what I been reading lately from most, is going down, but I also believe that we could be at 20K BTC by year end, maybe more we'll see. Trump new appointee to the SEC is Awesome, and I think that Our President MR. Donald Trump is for Crypto Currencies. Getting more Vendor adoption is What We NEED, Peace & Love to Everyone.

  11. Hahaha! You digress… indeed! Thanks for reading the fine print on that survey. Too many people don't take the time and just report a headline, so many of which are misleading on the surface. As always, I appreciate your video.

  12. Cryptos are a brand new asset class- what did you expect. They are a hedge against a market down turn but especially against a weak dollar and other currencies. With Obama now monkey wrenching Trump’s agenda there will surely be instability in the near future- count on it! December will once again make the steadfast few into crypto millionaires. I for one plan on being one of them this time and not jumping ship at the illusionary sight of an iceberg. This asset class will sculpt and morph but it is here to stay and I want to tell my grandkids some day that patience is a virtue, here’s an example…

  13. Cryptocurrency adoption will come with vendor adoption. We already have cryptocurriences linked to credit cards, but those are easy for government(s) to shut down. We need vendors looking for crypto currency to be used at their locations.

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