iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Impressions!

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iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are officially official. This is everything you need to know! iPhone XR Impressions: https://youtu.be/mgOQgciWLlg MKBHD Merch: …


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  1. It's just funny to me that when the note9 was released the media acted like it's just an incremental update and nothing special about it

    But now with the Xs they going nuts about it

  2. Who tf needs a 512gb iPhone? I’m still using a 32gb iPhone 7 Plus and that’s enough. I don’t have that many apps, don’t take that many pictures and I don’t record in the highest resolution (4k 30fps) that can eat up my storage. I got like 20gb free.

  3. So People Burst Out On Samsung For Having Same Design With S8 To S9 And Some Similar Specs , While Iphone Did The Same Thing With Much Laziness And People Are Calling It Worthy Update…
    Hypocritical World

  4. I'm not kneejerk against Apple. I think that Xr is a step in the right direction and I agree it will likely be the sleeper hit but the resolution on it is fucking rough.

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