Unboxing the BlizzCon 2018 Goodie Bag

We dig into the BlizzCon 2018 goodie bag and get our hopes up for a Diablo 4 announcement. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Review: …


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  1. this is SO bad. usually i find something i like but the figurine is super tiny and whats with the coins lately? I mean my wow CE im happy i got an item but…like what do i do with it lol the books just a garbage dust collector unless youve been there multiple times or are in the pictures. more of an item for employees… there isnt even stands for the coins?

  2. I loved the diablo 20th anniversary.

    I mostly play wow.
    Played a bit diablo.

    If they were to do some magic time stuff to combine all 3 diablo i would definitely play it more.

    But diablo 4 would also be nice i guess

  3. A challenge coin denotes membership in an organization and is generally used in a bar drinking game. If challenged and you cannot produce the coin, you have to buy a around of drinks.

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