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  1. This game has one of the stupidest fucking controls I ever used in fps. Who bright idea it was to format the fucking controls? I got the game for free and after 20 minutes of play I quickly gave the shit away to my neighbor.

  2. Really like the metro games, especially last light. Last light was one of the first games I played when I built my pc 2 or so years ago. I then got redux version of 2033 and played when it came out. After seeing the trailer for Metro exodus I wanted to go back and play last light again. Originally I played last light in 720p because that's the screen I had at the time. I got the redux version of last light from steam last weekend because it was only $5 so.. My current system is stronger so I'm playing at 1440p super sampled down to my current 1080p screen. Looks great for an older game and the added lighting effects to outdoor scenes look great. Can't wait to play metro exodus

  3. i love the metro games. but redux had me disappointed. In metro 2033, there were no spider enemies because they were introduced in the original last light. so if u didnt play last light then you wouldnt know how to kill them. also how metro redux(metro 2033) it took away the secomd/good ending, which for me was disappointing since i worked hard for it.

  4. The best change they made here was adding the survival difficulty.
    On survival ranger hardcore, last light finally feels like a truly worthy sequel to the original 2033. 2033 is still the better game, and the original version is still slightly better than the redux version. But last light is now a very very very close second in redux form when playing on the top difficulty. It makes it a truly great game.

  5. when he says the humans can be as dangerous as the mutants I started laughing.I've never gotten through a level without being slapped by the teenage mutant ninja turtles but I have managed to complete a level without getting shot

  6. You move in slow motion, controls are sluggish, when you crouch you go from 5 ft tall to 4 ft tall, and the graphics look like everything is coated in a thin layer of shit. Also too many cut scenes… Terrible game.

  7. Without some frushtrating bugs (Espescially in LLR) both are the best campain experience I've been though, I feel more emotion than COD:MW2. Come with heart-touching soundtrack and awesome in-game graphics (Thank to 4A Engine, but have you ever imagine it powered by engine like Frostbite or CRYENGINE? I'd die for it. 😀 ). Thank 4A Games for bring me one of the best gaming experience in my life. Wish all the best come to you guys.

  8. The bundle is one of the best singleplayer games I've ever enjoyed yet. It's so simple, there's no stuff on the side to collect, no other objectives or collectibles other than the journal notes. It's just playing the story and its got a decent length to it. There's very few games like this. I thought this should've been 9/10

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