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  1. Absolutely unbeilevable this receives a 8.9, just no. Objectively looking at the game, its not even worthy of 8.9 on PC and that is by far the best place to play PUGB. 30fps with janky performance and eye herpes graphics on console. 6.5.

  2. While this game doesn’t perform as well on Xbox as it does on PC, it can be one hell of an experience; especially if one puts the time in to ‘git gud’. There’s a reason why there are people on my Xbox friends list who have logged 50+ days on this game. But if it isn’t for you, there are plenty of other games out there 🙂 meanwhile those of us who love this game just look forward to it growing and getting better & better

  3. Performs well? Isn’t even 30fps and 30 isn’t acceptable, yet alone less

    Also has very clunky movement and controls.

    It’s decent at best. Also H1Z1 started the BR craze

  4. PUBG did not popularize Battle Royale FORTNITE did.

    How? because FORTNITE Battle Royale is free, constantly upgraded, and is located everywhere.

    PUBG will not survive BLACKOUT. FORTNITE will.

  5. It's not really fair comparing games like spider man and player unknown battlegrounds because they where both review by different people and completely different games from one another

  6. Kicked off the battle royale genre? I'm pretty sure you got your facts wrong on that one. h1z1 had it first, which was based off the mod for Arma III, and so on and so forth. This game did nothing special but be a fad on twitch until fortnite came out.

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