Curved TVs: Explained!

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Are curved TVs legit? 55″ Samsung HU9000: Curved Display Smartphones: Explained! Curved TV info …


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  1. @Marques – We are movie watchers and you and I are also “gamers.” In our world there’s only room for maybe an occasional girl to watch a nice movie with and the rest of the time we are I. The middle / center of that curved tv – getting immersed in all that gaming and movie action! WE ARE FIR THE CURVED! Lol 😝

  2. actually i am watching this on the the same model you reviewed….it's definitely better than flat but not by much….not enough to replace just for the sake of it….if you are buying a new one and both are next to each other with same price go for the curved which i did….but don't upgrade or pay more because of it

  3. I download the manual to a SAMSUNG curved smart tv and they also have Bluetooth, built in WiFi. In the near future this would solve a major problem I’ve been having with a very nasty neighbor. I’d be able to use my Bluetooth headphones and he would no longer be able to call the police on me and complain about my sound bar.👍

  4. Since widescreen movies are filmed with fisheye lenses like Cinerama, then wouldn't a curved screen compensate for the bend in the filming and produce depth the way Cinerama does? They are, after all, the same idea; it's just that Imax or Cinerama have a deeper curve.

  5. I'm on the fence on purchasing a new TV & a curved screen, especially for gaming, is something I'm seriously considering. Would you recommend I'd go w/ a 65 inch or a 55 inch? My apartment isn't that big, so I'll likely be sitting about some 10 to 12 feet away.

  6. Really superb presentation by Marques that will help me to buy a new big screen TV.
    Marques can you suggest to me any budget 55-65 models?

    So far I have heard about Hisense 55 inch models, TCL, Samsung and LG. I am currently using a 32" Sony Bravia(KDL-32W670A) and want to upgrade to a larger screen size possibly 55" or larger. I mostly use it for watching movies and surfing the net, but I also play games by linking my tower PC via HDMI. Please help me in finding a budget big-screen TV.

  7. curved TV's are useless, you are sitting way too far away from a TV for it to need a curve. Not to mention anyone not sitting directly infront of it will get a really bad angle for a view. Now, curved monitors make more sense because you are sitting right infront of them so it makes sense to keep the viewing distance identical from every angle of the screen.

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