IGN Gave PUBG On Xbox A Higher Review Score Than Spider Man PS4 And Sony FANS FREAK OUT!

Sony fans seem to have taken exception to the fact that PUBG full release version got a higher review score than Spider-Man did from IGN….. 🙂 SUPPORT M&C …


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  1. I wouldn't be too ecstatic about IGN giving PUBG an 89. Let's not forget. That was the same company that gave a Pokemon game a 78 for having too much water

  2. Very selective this, no mention of the overall critic scores that clearly show the professional reviewers and user reviews beat BUPG, he just focuses on IGN which is a site he has constantly bashed in the past as giving unfair and biased review…smh, there is zero logic to this Sony hater.

  3. You can play PS exclusives on PC? Lol. Oh you're misinformed; you can stream older PS exclusives, technically, on PC by PS Now. In that case, you proved my point even further. If I want to play xbox exclusives, the small amount they have, I can play them on PC right now. No point in buying an Xbox now or in the future. Using your logic, Xbox does not and won't ever again have console exclusives. PS5, PC and Switch is all you need to play exclusives

  4. Sony fanboys are just as bad as Xbox fanboys. Anyone who has a pulse knows pubg is the inferior game. And no one in their right mind would complain about a difference in score that minuscule.

  5. Asking IGN for an HONEST REVIEW is like asking Satan to to you the truth on a matter. Lol. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! IGN, paid sellouts. They should have signs saying, "Reviews, Perfect Scores, BULLSHIT, and FALSE TRUTHS for sale!"

  6. CrapgamerReviews
    Personally, I think saying PS4 owners are upset about these ratings is complete and utter BULLSHIT. Its false. I have NUMEROUS friends who have too PS4s and NONE of us care what IGN or anyone else says. We are too busy enjoyong our BADASS EXCLUSIVES, especially "Spider-Man". Lol.

  7. Forgot to mention pubg getting downgraded on Xbox one X (well downgrade is not an issue for Xbox when it is for their exclusive) karma is a boomerang when you throw it it comes back at you (lucky you Playstation fanboys having so many games to play the actually don't have time to make this an issue)

  8. PS4 owners are getting the most fun out of this console generation not only they get to play great games they also get to enjoy funny videos made by xbox fanboys (crap I expect more from you I feel that you are upload less videos everyday)

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