One of the most scary or even scariest Virtual Reality Horror game Don’t Knock Twice is finally released on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Today I’m …


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  1. Is this the Most Scary VR horror game so far? Want to see more gameplay parts from this game? Please let me know guys 🙂
    Also, Im very sorry I have not replied to your previous comments, been just way too busy lately – but I´m working on it, I promise! 🙂

  2. 24:20 The mirrors are actually just pictures with the room printed on it. If you click on the time stamp you can see that SweViver has lit some candles, but it is pitch black in the mirror. This also explains why you cannot see yourself.

  3. Man, thanks for being a reviewer that actually cares about your language. I appreciate that you don't use foul language in your videos, so thanks for that! Subbed!

  4. Do you think the movement issues may be caused by a fixed body collider? A lot of VR games use a fixed body collider that stays at the center of the play area because there's no way to track your body separately from your head, other than IK or heuristics. So as you lose track of where you are in relation to the center of your play area your head and "body" may be in two separate places, so you look like you have a clear path forward but your "body" is actually colliding with a piece of furniture or something. If that's the case, returning to the center of your play area might help.

  5. I'm Still Working On My Scary Games Lol These Jump Scares Get Me All The Time SweViver I Think If You Had A Fitbit On It Would Be Off The Richter Scale right Now Lol You Did Good

  6. If you think that's scary, just wait 'till Res Evil 7 comes to the Vive & Rift. It has a 12 month exclusive to PSVR, so I guess it will be out in Jan 18 when the 12 months is up.

  7. I have a very similar PC spec to you and I didn't get any performance issues even with 2.2 SS. I did get the very annoying SteamVR loading screen popping up in my face all the time when lighting candles. They really should have fixed that before release. Hopefully after an initial patch a lot of the bugs will be sorted out. I have to use teleport due to motion sickness, but that was also very buggy and implemented quite poorly as I too got stuck in places and it wouldn't let me teleport until I messed about with it, which really ruined the flow of the game for me. Was fun watching your reactions though, I think you found it a lot scarier than I did 🙂

  8. Great Game. Just started playing it. You can play golf with balls and club. i also tended to carry it around the house and break things with it. Good interactive game. Wish they didn't take away opening the drawers. Like you could in demo.

  9. So I hate horror games/jumpscares in general but my friend invited me to the developer's office a few months ago to playtest this and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Interesting story, clever use of horror elements, a pretty good experience!

  10. Did you turn off teleport? I know original demo had teleport locomotion, I hope it still does. LoL keeps yelling "I don't know if I can do this guys!" then continues to do it lmao, that's why we like you Swev. Yea part 2 buddy 🙂

  11. Nice finally another horror game from sweviver after so long, love your reaction! ;D
    Edited* its so scary! the window glass cracks make me jump! watch this during midnight now & its chinese 7th month which is hungry ghost month :X would like to see part 2! thumb up

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