VRChat Family Feud in Virtual Reality FULL EPISODE ( The Bagel Bunch VS. Better Bunch )

Family Feud but played in vrchat. Full episode with the Bagel Bunch facing the Better Bunch. VRCHAT FAMILY FEUD! Nagzz Links – Patreon …


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  1. I won't spoil, but the winning family will be back in 3 weeks. Again I am not quitting VRChat. I will try to do a movie/show/game show once a week with a variety of people in VRChat. A different creative approach. I also am working on getting to every message left on last video. Was over 4500 so it is taking me some time. Love you guys 123

  2. Family feud but the voice stage
    Please more game shows! ?
    Wait.. As the number gets higher, the points are supposed to go down. #3 answer gave more points than #2 ??

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