[Virtual Virtual Reality] Uncovering all the secrets this place has to offer

We are back in VVR and this time we are uncovering all the nooks and crannies Click to Subscribe …


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  1. This playthrough (both parts) appeared on my suggested feed, I’d never seen your channel before but I’m really excited it ended up my way! Keep going, and keep being awesome.

  2. Witch VR Equipment do you use? Can you recommend me something? Or anybody here? I'd like to use full body '-'

    ''Don't judge me for my English, i learnd it all by myself!'' ~ you can keep typing error's if you find some! (Thanks in advance!)

  3. "Are humans who turn into robots people?"

    Aww… That was so sweet of you. I'm happy that I can remain as a person in eyes of at least some people.

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