IGN Reviews – Saints Row: The Third Game Review

More guns and more madness: that’s what Saints Row: The Third offers gamers. But can the crazy crime title deliver yet another insane dose of over the top …


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  1. Everything before IV was ok it felt like I was actually doing something in the game making lasting impacts on the world of Saints Row but with 4 and Gat out of hell it feels like everything I do doesn't have a meaning and doesn't progress me anywhere when it comes to money respect cars guns cribs it feels like I'm not doing anything to improve the saints

  2. This is where saints row started to go wrong…this game was….OK…but I think saints row 2 and 1 are the best…and I feel when they started letting the realism of the game go that's when they let the whole game go…like…aliens…really…how do hell the game go from trying to take over a city to bring on a space ship killing aliens…I think if they were to stay on topic then this game and all the others would have been amazing

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