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  1. 2k stepped up their game this year by adding 3 hours worth of cutscenes in my career mode and also bringing back 2k showcase. I think they focused more on wwe than nba this year

  2. Well the first mistake is that you reviewed the agme on a PS4 console, a weak, inferior console. Every game has to be reviewed on an Xbox one X

  3. My problem with this and other one sport games, is that… when you look at the DETAIL in GTA5 the new Red Dead where you have a whole world of cohesion, the action in this, and lets say… Basketball, i'd have to ask, whats their excuse for not looking and being better, for being one thing

  4. I feel this is the best WWE game in years. Not to dog on you guys but there is a lot here you didn’t touch on. Game is at least an 8 if not 8.5 I know it’s a sports game though and it’s so close to Red Dead coming out.

  5. WAY better than the last few years, still has tons of issues but I've been playing the hell out of it since Friday and I think I'll get my money's worth this year.

  6. 7.3? Yes of course, because its not some random rpg game that looks like garbage. Or els it would be been a solid 9 ign lol

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