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Crypto news & Investigative reports: Arbitraging Talk About Recent Events. Real Talk About The ABOT. No proof of transactions or existence other than screenplay. You wedre told that when you put your money in ABOT, it wouldn’t be locked. Are the new changes being made to ABOT a default lock-in mechanism contrary to promotion and earlier promises by none other than David Peterson himself.

Arbitraging Poses A Serious And Credible Threat To Public Investor Safety And Is By Definition Promoting Illegal Securities By A CEO That “Lives In Texas” Go Figure.

They don’t Care Where A Scam Is Licensed.
They only care that they aren’t registered in Texas, nor do they have an exemption granted. Don’t get caught holding the bags when the announcement is made.

Without Transaction Proof, the ABOT isn’t real. Where’s the ABOT trx history David? Would You like to see A-Bot transactions that prove millions of dollars in trading profits for ARB A-Bot Users? Let David Know In The Comments.

Any U.S. resident who is a victim of an Internet based PONZI scheme, such as a non-existent arbitraging scheme, can anonymously report the scam to the SEC.

Any U.S. resident who is encouraged to participate in a Internet based PONZI scheme, for example by being given guidance on how to use a VPN to circumvent SEC prohibitions on websites in order to place funds into a non-existent arbitraging scheme, can anonymously report the individual offering the guidance to the SEC.

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  1. I'm enjoying looking through the ARB Official Group on Telegram; all the fake accounts spouting out the same identical nonsense about ARB being a 1K token. The stupid coder who created these dummy, automated accounts hasn't even got the intelligence to vary the wording.

    Yes, I guess the Arbitraging platform has run out of money; they've got nothing left to pump their token.

    Little wonder the ARB platform is now desperately asking the gullible to pay a "lifetime" $500 membership fee. They say this will more than pay for itself as it includes a 25% saving on internal exchange fees.

    That shows their lack of arithmetical ability. 25% Saving on a 1% exchange fee equates to transactions totally $200,000. Yeah, right. Show me one genuine account that has $200,000 invested in this PONZI scam!

    *Oh, BTW, when the SEC act, my guess is it'll take about 20 minutes to close down the website. Is there anyone here who wants to pay $500 for a 20 minute website membership?

  2. Here is a theory. Blake's ''flippening' happened very shortly after he reported to the SEC. He could technically collect a handsome whistle blower cash award from the US government if he can provide insider information. I strongly believe he is infiltrating ARB to bring them down. And he is using you as collateral to make him look more credible, and he is overdoing it. Very typical behavior. Also, follow the money aka his wallets, it will show you how much (barely) he is 'invested' in ARB. Wait for it.

  3. Wisdom !!! no value at all in that token and now more threats coming from that community aimed at the people who want to really trade that shyte coin

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