3D Realms Boss Sheds Light on Duke Nukem Forever’s Tortured Development – IGN Unfiltered

Duke Nukem Forever was a long process of playing catch-up to better games, according to 3D Realms co-founder Scott Miller. The Stories Behind Spider-Man, …


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  1. Nowadays, people would have preferred a retro-style/demake game.
    I think making a "final" version of the original 1997-ish vision or the 2002-ish E3 demo would have been a massive success.
    EDIT: Huh. Hearing that Gearbox didn't really help much and just had 8 guys finish it makes me respect the game a bit more.
    EDIT2: His original vision of Duke 4 and 5… Give this man a billion dollar budget and a team of the finest. Now.

  2. I haven't pre-ordered a game since DNF. I tried trading it in a couple of hours after buying it and Gamestop only offered me 20 bucks. 60 bucks new was a major ripoff.

  3. I grew up with Duke Nukem 3d and loved it I did like Duke Nukem Forever in parts but it was not a bad game I would love to see another Duke game come out!

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