DON’T Buy The iPhone 8, Buy The iPhone 8.

This is an iPhone 8 unboxing… or is it? The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus recently hit shelves at the Apple Store. Normally any iPhone launch arrives with …


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  1. By not opening the iPhone 8 think you made the right choice because its the same design as the iPhone 6 and 7 and just by looking at the SAME design on the iphone 8 whats makes you think its going to be any different
    the software the same
    they improved to camera a just a bit
    they included a interactive home button(same as Iphone 7/7Plus)
    battery is the same
    charging is the same and the only reason the iphone 7 and 8 would charge quickly because you dont need to produce much power it only need about 2000mAh i mean you could you a crappy portable charger to power it up and it still drain like someone gulping down a mikshake
    apple say the battery last approximately 12-14 when after a month its then lasts and 4-5 hours i mean who can last on something like that and they have not even made fast charging yet

  2. Well, if anything it is the laat of the iphones. Of course the brand will live on but, the classic iphone design that kicked of the smartphone industry dies with the 8… So that's cool.

  3. Guys I’m torn! I’m really torn! I don’t know what to get I can’t make choices or decisions, I have a 5s and I don’t know what to get, 8 plus or Xs Max ???

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