Borderlands 2 VR Update | 2 New PSVR Games | Be A Part Of VIrtual Reality History

Today we have and update about Borderlands 2, 2 new psvr games coming our way, how to become a part of virtual reality history with Pixel Ripped 1989, and …


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  1. Frank show a pioneer youtuber for VR , if you are a manufacturer or software dev get in touch with frank and send him some free merch for promoting this tech.

  2. Don't want to sound like a hater, but PS is dropping the ball when it comes to VR. It's a no brainer to make all of their hit PS games into VR, should have been done right from the get go.

    Original content is great too, but it's still an uncertainty to interest people getting a VR. But tell a gamer you can be right in classics like Resident Evil 2, God of War, Grand Theft Auto (the list goes on and on) Playstation wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand of headsets.

    Probably not understanding the legality of licensed games and the cost associated with it…I'll blame my poor research XD

  3. Frank I find myself singing that catchy intro song of yours during the day..I be like "it's time for the show!"…my wife then yells from the other room "what show hun?"…I reply "the Frank show babe"…she replies back "who the hell is frank , is it a new series? "..I reply "ya hun..its a new series "

  4. Hey Frank I've been asking Questions to the borderlands people in case you're interested. They answered that we can only see our hands in game. They also answered that we can't hold a gun with both guns or drive by turning the wheel. They've chosen not to answer about what happens when you enter a vehicle or if you can reload manually which isn't a good sign.

  5. Hey Frank. How might we convince CodeMasters to remaster GRID or GRID 2 in PSVR? It's an old PS3 game, so I feel it's a great way to get a top quality racer on PSVR without having to cramp PS4 level graphics into it. What do you think? Oh, and keep up the good work, show's looking better all the time.

  6. I am guessing Borderlands the Handsome Jack collection owners will not be able to access Borderlands 2 VR for free yeah? It looks like it is in the store as a seperate release, not sure I want to buy it again, as I have already bought it for PS3, PS Vita and on PS4.

  7. Great vid one of my friends who I’m trying to get to buy psvr is coming over to try firewall zero hour so I’m going to try and persuade him.

  8. I never played borderlands, I know I’m not a real gamer for saying that, but it’s true. Anyways, Another game that really made the RIGHT decision to do VR OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOOOL Can’t wait!!!!

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