Coinbase Stablecoin / SWIFT Panics About Crypto / $16m Bitcoin House

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
I have hand picked another 5 top crypto news stories for the day. Stories today include:
Coinbase launching support for a dollar stablecoin 0:52
Blockstack launching support for token creation 4:14
SWIFT moving to Microsoft cloud to defend against crypto 6:23
The US working to remove Iran from the SWIFT system 8:34
Hedge fund manager selling his $16m house for Bitcoin 10:46

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Today Coinbase launch support for the USDC Stablecoin created by Circle

Blockstack is about to do it’s annual hardfork and launch the ability to create tokens and digital assets on the network

Swift moving to the cloud

US in Negotiations with SWIFT to Remove Iran from the Network, Golden Opportunity for Cryptos & Blockchain?

US in Negotiations with SWIFT to Remove Iran from the Network, Golden Opportunity for Cryptos & Blockchain?

Hedge Fund Manager to Accept Bitcoin Payment for his $15.9 Million Mansion

Hedge Fund Manager to Accept Bitcoin Payment for his $15.9 Million Mansion


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  1. My favorite crypto channel! So happy to see it taking off and subscriber list growing. Love how objective you are about everything. I unsubscribed from all other crypto channels. ?

  2. USD is backed by the reserves in the US central bank and other investments all backed by the US military. I think its misleading to say the USD isn't backed by anything.

  3. Stable coins have to be a scam! If there is a million dollars worth of stable coins backing a million dollars worth of bitcoin how does the peg hold when bitcoin goes 10x in a month? You would have the issuers facing a liability of 9 million dollars to maintain the peg!

  4. The news regarding SWIFT is not correct. What is actually happening is that Microsoft is starting to host SWIFT interface on Azure. This is nothing new as such. There is a big number of SWIFT Service Bureaus that have been hosting SWIFT interfaces for decades. The new thing is that Microsoft is now entering this market as well. This does not mean that the actual SWIFT network would be hosted on Azure and this has absolutely nothing to do with crypto.

  5. your understanding of money is wrong. The USD is backed by taxation. Taxation drives demand for the currency. Also, the central banks don't create money into the economy. They create reserves for banks. THe reserves are NOT loaned out into the economy. Commercial banks making loans out of thin air are responsible for the majority of the USD in the economy, this is where we get the debt = credit zero sum game from.

  6. IBM Worldwire works with the existing infrastructure in place. IBM already handles the hardware for processing in 98% of global banks (including 100% of Visa). XLM+IBM-WWBB vs Bitcoin is how the is all set up. Bitcoin wanted to destroy the banks instead of working with them and now we have a fight imo.

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