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  1. That’s why I hate scary movies cause that kind stuff scares me way too much and why the crap am I even watching this I’m not going to be able to sleep alone in my bedrooms like this cause this stuff just is too much way too scary I hate it soooo much sooo sooo sooo much too scary never ever ever watching horror stuff ever again cause then I’ll just get scared then I’ll just end up sleeping with somebody which I don’t think I want at all

  2. Try not to get scared challenge. let's see who is the bravest. VR horror stories. It feels like it's in real life. Be brave and don't forget there is some jump scares in it. ???

  3. Welcome to the comments its safe here
    Food: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Drinks : ☕????????
    Comfort: ??????????
    I hope u like it here (I wouldnt be friends with the person who's forcing her to do it)

  4. Oh hell no I ain’t doing this shit again I almost peed on me damn pants and I screamed super damn loud that my neighbors heard me and came over my husband went to go tell him it was a vr

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