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  1. First trailer in august 2014, game out in november 2018… the trailers are awesome, the game is garbage; another day, another disappointment to the list with the same formula.

  2. I actually liked that daryl walking dead game. It wasn't amazing obviously but i had fun with it. Definitely not gonna bother with this game though

  3. My idea for a walking dead game:
    A milsim-style game where you must survive for thirty days. Or, must kill the heavily armed soldiers maintaining the quarantine. You can find survivors throughout the city. Who will be tied into relationships with many others. If you rob, wound, or kill them. It will ripple across the survivor community. The survivor’s foes will see you as an ally, while her allies will turn on you. AI will also turn on you if it lets them accomplish their goals. Chased by a horde? Be careful. A selfish survivor will trip you to save his own skin. But, if you survive, you can come back and kill him. Every run will randomly change the environment and zombies.
    Essentially the game is a sandbox for a player to make their own stories. Wether it’s one of strife and conflict in a community of survivors, resulting in bloodshed. A killer that hunts down his own kind. A quest for revenge after betrayal. Or, one man rising above all odds. Fighting the undead and military to cross the quarantine zone.
    Who’d want to see that too?

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