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  1. Do you remember the last C&C they released? Yeah, Tiberian Twilight, you know:

    -Always-online required (if I remember well this even applied for singleplayer, and most people just played skirmish and campaign)
    -Progression system for tech tree (all previous C&C games allowed you to get all the units right from the start, strange concept for you young people, eh?)
    -No basebuilding (a big deal of "Command" was because you could actually command a base with an economy, see?)
    -No harvester economy (they even removed the WC3 copycat)
    -Only 2 factions (which actually made for a very awful storyline and removed a lot of the creative design seen in C&C3)
    -Cartoonish graphics (oh the irony, Blizzard is actually making their remastered WC3 less cartoonish and more detailed)

    And then they cancelled Generals 2, which supposedly was going to correct the above list in a new C&C.

    And they made a mobile game… With microtransactions
    So yeah, does anyone still believe EA will manage to make it right? I bet they will cancel production from here in 6 months, and they will do so sitting your feedback!

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